Thursday, November 30, 2017

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PROMISE (The Naravan Chronicles 1)
This book was previously published as The Promise of Kierna'Rhoan

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Kira Farseaker has made it her mission to save Narava’s alien species from government-sanctioned extermination. Officer David Cario’s assignment to a Shifter extermination squadron might be just the break he needs to uncover the secrets behind his sister’s execution. Tangled in a web of treachery and deceit, Kira and David struggle between duty and a growing passion that could destroy everything they’ve worked for…or save both their lives.
INTERFACE (The Naravan Chronicles 2)

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When Gina’s nanotech research leads to murder and death threats, her father hires private mercenaries to protect her. Alex has a rule. No romantic relationships with clients. That rule goes out the airlock when he meets Gina. But protecting her means ignoring his feelings and hers, and Alex isn’t good at ignoring things…

BRIGHTARROW BURNING (Fire and Tears Book #1)

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For Layla Brightarrow, the elf lord Ulric is a temptation she can’t resist, and a risk she doesn’t dare take. Years of denial and betrayal hang between them, leaving Layla caught between duty and a love that could be her destruction. Or her salvation.

DARKNESS SINGED (Fire and Tears Book #2)
This book was previously published as THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN

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Einar is so feared among elves he’s called by a single name: Darkness. And he has only one weakness—the forbidden weapons master Nuala. But as they journey through the war-torn human city, no royal decree is a match for two hundred years of pent-up desire.

DAWN IGNITED (Fire and Tear Book #3)
This book was previously published as WARRIOR’S DAWN

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Branded a traitor, Althir of Glengowyn has resigned himself to life as an outcast—until he’s offered a chance at redemption. Mina Dawnswealth hates helping the traitor elf, but their mission could end the war. Success will cost them blood, but their budding love could save them.


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One night of heat and magic, one chance at forever love…

When Tabitha’s life is threatened by a deadly paranormal enemy and she discovers her dream lover, Liam, is real and ready to protect her, she must decide what she’s willing to do to keep Liam in her life…and what she’s prepared to risk to love him.

Thief's Desire (Fate's Hand, Book 1)

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She’s a thief. He protects the king. They aren’t meant to be together. Then Fate comes calling…

Destiny's Seduction (Fate's Hand, Book 2)

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She holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hand. He has to protect her, whether he likes it or not. And love is their only chance…


SECRET (The Naravan Chronicles 3) -- May 11, 2018
PARADISE (The Naravan Chronicles 4) -- June 8, 2018
FLIGHT (The Naravan Chronicles 5) -- FALL 2018


New York Empires Hockey series Book #3 -- COMING SOON