Fantasy Romance


THIEF'S DESIRE (Fate's Hand, Book 1) 

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She’s a thief.
Victoria Flash, street thief and gambler, has spent her life scraping by on the streets of Dareelia, surviving and even thriving in the capital city’s underworld. But a chance encounter with a sexy and notorious King’s Own sets her on a path that could be deadlier than anything she’s ever faced. Something is brewing in her city, something that could destroy the world, and Vic won’t rest until she finds answers. If she didn’t have to contend with her overwhelming feelings for the King’s Own, she might even survive.

He protects the king.
King’s Own, General Jacob Marin is on the hunt for the source of trouble brewing in his city. When he happens across a clever street thief, he knows he’s found just the spy he needs in the underworld. It helps that she’s sexy and clever and oh so tempting. For a man who thought he’d lost his heart to his best friend’s wife years earlier, desire for the little thief is a welcome sensation. But when things get deadly and Vic’s life is in danger, Jacob discovers his feelings run far deeper than mere desire.

Then Fate comes calling…

Trust doesn’t come easy for Vic, but Jacob forces her to see a life she’s never even imagined for herself. First, though, they have to survive blood sorcerers, goblins, the possible destruction of the world, Jacob’s protective instincts, and Vic’s first trip into the woods. If they manage to live through their perilous mission, love and fate might just give them a chance at a future together.

DESTINY'S SEDUCTION (Fate's Hand, Book 2) 

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She holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hand.
Arlana Von Fordin grew up knowing she was born to fulfill a prophecy. The pressure of her unknown destiny weighs heavily on a young woman who just wants to be normal. Then her future arrives in the form of a mysterious and sexy soldier from the neighboring empire Browan—a land no one has entered in almost two hundred years. Faced with a dangerous journey into a secretive country, haunted by seductive and terrifying dreams, the one thing Arlana longs for is someone to see her for the woman she is beneath the magic she commands.

He has to protect her, whether he likes it or not.
Lord Commander Oric of Browan has resented Arlana Von Fordin for most of his life. He blames her for taking away his choices and forcing him onto a path he never wanted. When he’s sent to bring her into his country on a quest to stabilize a rogue magic, he expects his hate to intensify. Instead, as he gets to know the shy sorceress, he’s overwhelmed with protectiveness and desire. Faced with all the forces threatening her, Oric must finally come to terms with his own destiny, and a love he never anticipated.

Love is their only hope.
Before meeting Oric, Arlana never expected to find a man who would love her for herself. But Fate demands a heavy price. For them to be together, they must confront Arlana’s destiny and right an ancient wrong. With time itself their enemy, they’ll have to discover if their love is strong enough to keep them alive…and save the world.


BRIGHTARROW BURNING (Fire and Tears Book #1)
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Layla Brightarrow’s world fell apart the day the Sorcerers invaded her city. Abandoned by the neighboring elven kingdom, Layla must forsake all hope for the man she loves, a powerful elf lord now forever beyond her reach. But when some of the elves break the neutrality to side with the Sorcerers, Layla is sent to assassinate one of the traitors. Her mission forces her to confront the very man she never thought she’d see again—and face a desire she thought long buried.

Ulric of Glengowyn is determined to protect Layla from his traitorous brother, and he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep her alive, including using her feelings against her. But his game of seduction cuts both ways, endangering both their lives. To save her, Ulric will have to convince Layla to trust him, an impossible feet when her mission is to kill his brother.

For Layla, Ulric is a temptation she can’t resist, and a risk she doesn’t dare take. Years of denial and betrayal hang between them, leaving Layla caught between duty and a love that could be her destruction. Or her salvation.

DARKNESS SINGED (Fire and Tears Book #2)

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This book was previously published as THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN

Nuala of Glengowyn hasn’t left the elven kingdom in over a century, but not by choice. Her skills as a weapons master have made her a prisoner of her people, held apart, protected in the extreme. Until Sorcerers attack the neighboring human city. When she’s sent to help the humans, however, Nuala is still far from free. Because she’s forced to travel with a bodyguard, the most fearsome warrior among her people—and the only man Nuala has ever loved.

Einar is known as a battle-crazed destroyer, so feared among elves he’s called by a single name: Darkness. And he has only one weakness—Nuala. Their union is forbidden, because melding their magics could destroy Nuala’s gifts. But as they journey through the war-torn human city, no royal decree is a match for two hundred years of pent-up desire.

Surviving the war zone won’t be enough if they give in to their long denied passion. They’ll have to confront their sovereigns and face the ultimate punishment—or prove love makes them stronger.

DAWN IGNITED (Fire and Tear Book #3)

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This book was previously published as WARRIOR’S DAWN

Branded a traitor, Althir of Glengowyn has resigned himself to life as an outcast from his people—until he’s offered a chance at redemption. A suicide mission that will finally put an end to the Sinnale war. His companion on the journey is a human woman unlike any he’s ever encountered. Beautiful. Brave. Fascinating. And before he knows it, keeping her safe is more important than his own salvation.

Mina Dawnswealth’s talent for spycraft has kept her alive even as her dreams—and her family—have fallen victim to the war, one by one. Much as she hates the idea of helping the traitor elf, at least she gets the pleasure of burying a knife in his back should he decide to betray her people again. A much easier task if she didn’t find him so damned compelling.

Only when they’re beyond the point of no return do they discover just how much blood their mission will cost. And how much love it will take to overcome their pasts for a chance at a future together.

FIRE AND TEARS: Series Collection Books 1-3
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In a city wracked by a magical war, where allies have become enemies, three couples confront a devastating choice between duty and love…

Layla Brightarrow has loved the elven lord Ulric for years, but when the sorcerers invade, and the elves choose neutrality over helping their human neighbors, Layla is forced to leave her longings in the past. Until Ulric returns with seduction on his mind. But trust is impossible when she’s charged with killing his brother.

Nuala’s unique magical skills have kept her confined to the elven city and separated from the man she loves for centuries. But when Einar is sent to accompany her into the neighboring human city, their passion reignites. And Nuala knows that hunger could cost them their lives.

Mina Dawnswealth lost everything to the war. Her hate for the elves rivals her hate for the sorcerers who invaded her city. So when she’s charged with accompanying the elven lord Althir on a secret mission, the last thing she expects is a desire so tempting she must question everything she’s known.

Giving in to their longings could cost them all they hold dear. Where life and death reign, temptation can kill. But in the end, love may be their only salvation.



Charged with guarding a priceless relic, Neeka must escape a nightmare creature so horrifying the gods tremble before it. Her only hope of survival is the powerful mage who trained her. But Gehan’s help will come at a price.

When Gehan sees Neeka stumbling toward him from the dark woods surrounding his isolated home, he assumes she’s a dream, a fantasy born of his obsession with her—until she collapses in his arms and begs for his help. To end his loneliness and keep her with him, he’s willing to sacrifice anything, even his soul.

Winner of the 2004 Zircon Speculative Romance Award, The Last Guardian brings readers of fantasy romance a dark tale of magic and wonder.

Author’s Note: This story was originally published in Sum3: The 2006 Zircon Anthology of Speculative Romance, edited by Jody Wallace.


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Aleanian warrior, Kellyn, has known for most of her life that finding her soul twin will cost her her life. When she’s sent to rescue one of the famed Gryphatar shapeshifters from a powerful wizard, she knows this will be her last mission. She needs to survive long enough to set A’var free, even if doing so kills her. Her only regret is that she and A’var won’t have more time together. 

But Prophecy is a tricky thing… 



Only the brave will answer the Call…

Kael Zyhn is a Heron sword mage and the first of his kind to forge a mage sword in more than a generation. But the trance that took him just before forging the sword disrupted Kael’s first meeting with his raynia, his soul twin. Twelve years later, he’s recovered from his ordeal and ready to claim his mate. Only to discover she wants nothing to do with him.

Rowena, an Aleanian sword sworn, can’t forgive her long absent raynei for deserting her all those years ago. But she admits that she needs him to survive her latest mission. Unfortunately, the longer she’s in Kael’s presence, the more she wants him, despite the protests of her damaged heart.

To succeed in her quest, Rowena must learn to trust Kael. But can she dare trust him with her heart again? And will she risk his life by giving in to her desires?

Warning: This title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, mild violence, a little light “tie me up, tie me down”, and a lot of sword fighting.


When Grace Newman is approached in the woods by a mysterious stranger who tells her she’s a missing faery, she thinks she’s gone insane. But her attraction to Diarmaid is impossible to resist. And when she starts to know things about this other woman, she can’t help but wonder if some of his story is true.

Diarmaid has been waiting for five hundred years to return the Lady of the Herd to Tir na Nog. When he meets Grace, he knows he’s finally found the right woman. But he’s made mistakes before. Does he dare risk the sanity of the woman he loves to bring her home?

Together, they'll have to face an old foe, the very man who drove Lady of the Herd from Tir na Nog. And Grace will have to trust Diarmaid and believe in her heritage to harness her true powers before its too late.