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PROMISE (The Naravan Chronicles 1)

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Kira Farseaker led a sheltered, privileged life—until the discovery of a secret that plunged her into an underworld of danger. Now she fights to save an alien species, the Shifters, from government-sanctioned extermination. When she learns some of the Shifters are evolving, she vows to give them sanctuary on a secret planet, a Farseaker legacy. But getting them off-planet and safely to the promised haven will be the most dangerous mission she’s ever attempted. A challenge made more deadly by her attraction to the dark, hungry eyes of a suspected spy.

Officer David Cario’s assignment to a Shifter extermination squadron might be just the break he needs to uncover the secrets behind his sister’s execution. But earning the trust of his commander’s ex-wife, the suspected terrorist Kira Farseaker, proves more complicated than he planned. Crossing into Kira’s world will lead him to truths he isn’t prepared to discover, and the desire between them destroys everything David once believed.

Tangled in a web of treachery, Kira and David struggle between duty and a growing passion that could destroy everything they’ve worked for…or save both their lives.

This book was previously published as The Promise of Kierna’Rhoan

INTERFACE (The Naravan Chronicles 2)

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When Gina Xanacovich’s nanotech research leads to murder and death threats, her father hires private mercenaries to protect her. But Johan “Alex” Alexander proves to be as dangerous to her peace of mind as the threats against her life. And his seductive voice and irritatingly calm presence keep Gina on edge, wanting more from him than just a bodyguard.

Alex has a rule. No romantic relationships with clients. He and his partner stick to that rule to save lives. But his newest client, the fiery engineer Gina Xanacovich, turns all Alex’s intentions upside down. To uncover the threat to her life, he has to ignore his feelings for her. Unfortunately, that proves harder than any job he’s done before.

SECRET (The Naravan Chronicles 3)

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When paleontologist Dr. Ti’ann Jones uncovers a mystery that could alter the course of her planet’s future, it puts her and her people in grave danger. She’s forced to call in security to protect her dig site. But the man who shows up threatens Ti’ann on a much more personal level. She’s spent the last three years unsuccessfully trying to forget Nathan Longfeather, but it’s apparent he’s already forgotten her.

Nathan thought guarding an archaeological dig site would be an easy and welcome break from his normal high-tension contracts. But when he comes face-to-face with a woman he hasn’t been able to forget for the last three years, he finds himself torn between the job and dragging Ti’ann back to his ship to remind her of those heady nights they spent together. Nights she seems to have forgotten.

As the truth of Ti’ann’s discovery is revealed, Nathan’s job gets a lot more deadly, and keeping Ti’ann and her team alive becomes his top priority. In a time when anything to do with Narava’s native species, the Shifters, leads to violence, Ti’ann and Nathan face enemies from both sides of the conflict and will have to find a way to prevent a planet-wide war. If they can survive, they might just have a future…together.

This book was previously published as The Secret of Narava

PARADISE (The Naravan Chronicles 4)

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Security Chief Meiling Trudeau thought she was finished with conman Duncan McClane two years ago when he got tossed off FarMore Space Station for good. But he’s back, now one of the richest men in the galaxy, and looking to rekindle their relationship. Despite claiming he’s gone straight, Meiling knows from experience that con-artists never change. Unfortunately, the chemistry between them is as hot as ever and resisting him is almost impossible.

Duncan knew the minute he saw Meiling she was the love of his life. But convincing her he’s gone straight for her proves harder than cheating at a cheat-proof holo-card table. Stumbling across a huge vein of the rarest mineral in the galaxy has made Duncan a rich man, though, and that wealth gives him the resources he needs to prove to Meiling that she can depend on him to have her back. If he can earn her trust, he might just regain her love.

With chaos brewing in FarMore’s biggest resort casino, Meiling will have to decide if she can rely on Duncan—with her space station as well as her heart.

FLIGHT (The Naravan Chronicles 5) -- Out Now!
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Clare O’Malley’s ambitions have brought her to the very top of her field, a profession that requires her to lie and keep secrets even from those she loves. But to become a bonafide legend, she has to find the former Shifter support group leader and Naravan cult hero, Kira Farseaker and bring her back to Narava. No easy feat, even for someone of Clare’s considerable talents. To find Kira, Clare needs the help of notorious smuggler, Raf Tygran. The sexy-as-all-hell pirate’s reputation is well earned. But falling for someone like Raf is a guaranteed disaster for someone like Clare, and she can’t afford the distraction. No matter how tempting he is.

Raf knows Clare is a liar the minute they meet. Which is good for him because he loves liars, and the delectable Clare is a liar he wants to know better. She’s the kind of woman Raf could fall hard for, trouble with a capital T. And he likes trouble almost as much as he likes liars. Smuggling Clare off Narava to meet Kira Farseaker is a job he probably shouldn’t take. But the prospect of spending weeks aboard his ship with her is a game too tempting to refuse. He intends to meet her challenge, and seduce her sexy chaos into his bed. Maybe even his life.

Then a threat from Raf’s past rises up to strike, and an already dangerous mission turns deadly. Facing their ghosts and this new threat to the galaxy will take everything they’ve got. And nothing will ever be the same for Raf or Clare. But if they can survive, without starting a rebellion, they might just find a way to love each other.



When Lieutenant Leia Ballore is sent to collect stolen cargo recovered from pirates, she never expects to meet the man of her dreams. But Detective Jake Marshall is off limits. He's been kidnapped from twentieth-century Earth, brought 3000 years into the future to a galaxy where he's considered a slave. And it's Leia's job to make sure he is returned home.

Jake never imagined finding a woman like Leia Ballore, especially finding her in another galaxy far into the future. Despite the strangeness of his situation, he doesn't want to leave Leia, a woman he's come to care for deeply. Yet to stay means giving up everything he knows, ignoring his own duty and facing life in a universe where he's hunted as a slave.

Is their love strong enough to overcome social taboos, distance, even time itself? And will they survive long enough to find out?


She is a Siren, capable of driving men mad with her song.

Sonia has been preparing for her marriage to Vander since before her father announced their betrothal. Their marriage will unite their homeworlds against a common enemy, and Sonia has done everything in her power to be ready for that union. All her study has had an unexpected side effect, however—she’s fallen in love with him.

He is a genetically engineered soldier determined to save his homeworld.

Vander had no intention of being married in anything but name, but as soon as he meets Sonia, he knows he must have her in his bed. And as soon as he hears her song, he realizes her powerful voice will be an unmatched asset to the war effort…and will put Sonia in terrible danger.

With enemies on all sides and treachery at every pass, Sonia must find a way to use her extraordinary voice to hold back the Selmorahn Empire…and use her mind and body to win the heart of the man she loves.


Welcome to Lachmuirghan, where fantasies come true.

You may have trouble finding Lachmuirghan on a map. That’s because it exists only in our imaginations. Hidden in this secret valley, Lachmuirghan can be whatever you want it to be.

Imagine a sheltered valley and loch somewhere in the west of Scotland. At the head of the valley is an ancient circle of standing stones; at the lower end stands a ruined castle overlooking the bustling village center.

As you explore, suddenly you notice things are not quite as they should be. The village is the same, yet somehow changed. You notice that you have also changed—your senses are more alive than you’ve ever known. You stand at a strange yet familiar crossroad. Out of the mist, a voice calls your name.

Where will you go? And to whom? In this fantasy world, the choice is completely yours.

Tales from Lachmuirghan was previously available on the authors’ Lachmuirghan website, but the stories have been revised and are now presented for the first time as an anthology.

Warning: This anthology contains stories that include one or more of the following: explicit heterosexual and/or lesbian sex, graphic language, voyeurism, bondage, and sex with imaginary, non-human entities.